How may the shipping pixies use their magic rate wand to make you smile instantly?

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How does it work?

You can start shipping with pixieship anywhere within the USA today for free. We don't require you to have an account at all!

  1. Let us know where you want the package to go to (We will address correct it!)
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Wow, This is great - Why are you doing this?

We the pixies want to help everyone build their ecommerce business as quickly and as profitably as possible. We are hoping that by giving you this opportunity, that you will see our value and want to tell your friends about us! (Or keep us secret!) Just remember, the more people who use our service the better our rates get! Once you are ready - dive into our professional services

Is my data private?

Yes! In fact, we only keep the data we need to fulfill the obligations required by the US postal service.

All right, so how do I contact you?

You can send us an email quite easily at:

Today our pixies have saved our ecommerce customers

Pixie State Saved
Your S.
CA 1.06
Ronald R.
NY 0.98
Leandra A.
NY 0.47
Leandra A.
NY 0.47
Tomas N.
UT 0.81
Tomas N.
UT 0.81
Matthew F.
UT 0.77
Gilbert S.
NJ 4.87
Matthew F.
TN 1.27
Matthew F.
AL 0.90